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“ Leaving the Paddock ”

(PARIS, 1834 - 1917, PARIS | 19TH CENTURY)

Watercolor and pencil on paper,
10.5 x 16 cm (4 1/8 x 6 5/16 in.)

“Ladies and Gentleman, this is a robbery…”

X23 LEAVING THE BATTLEGROUND is a reimagining of “Leaving The Paddock"
(LA Sortie Du Pesage)
One of thirteen 19th century stolen masterpieces featured in Netflix’s latest docuseries, “This Is A Robbery.”

Just after 1am on St Patrick’s Day 1990, two men in fake moustaches posing as police conned their way into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston —81 minutes later, 13 treasures disappeared into the night. To this day, 30 years after the theft, the 500 million dollar cache of artworks by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Manet, Pesage and Degas is still missing, with a reward of 10 million dollars posted for information of their current whereabouts, with empty frames holding their place...

This One Of One Original X23 artwork & music pays tribute to
one of the 13 missing works from the unsolved mystery of the largest heist in art history.



Artist Team:

X23 - [@djkirax23] Kayla Phillips, Creative Director, Music Producer

@Andre.Vandenburg - 3D Designer, Animator

@Hillyhd - Luca Scabini, 3D Designer, Animator

@Carl_CG_ - Carl Gustafson, 3D Character Designer, Modeler - Project Manager